Well, I made it back from Vegas in one piece!  As expected I had an overload of wonderful information, heard some fabulous and inspirational seminars, and maybe had a little social time as well.  :) 

I packed so much clothing that I left all my camera gear and laptop at home, so I wasn’t able to blog.  But while I was in Vegas, a great new Bridal Blog launched where I will be an expert guest contributor!  Bookmark this because you’ll want to check in often for lots of great info and ideas.  Because there are lots of contributors, there’s lots of posts which means mine has gotten buried in the last few days.  But this direct link should take you to my post: http://www.onewed.com/blog/savvy-scoop/category/photos.  The blog is put on by One Wed, a great resource for all brides.  You can research all types of vendors in your area and find lots of pictures to give you some inspiration.  Make sure you bookmark their site too: One Wed

image004 Featured on One Weds Savvy Scoop Blog!

I wrote about the “First Look” – the benefits of it and why it’s becoming more popular.  It was so much fun to write this entry and I’m ready to start working on my next one!  I’d love for you all to leave comments and give me suggestions on important photography questions you’d like to have answered!

I hate a post without a picture, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite “First Look” moments from Paula and Darrell’s wedding back in November!  I’ll be back home tomorrow afternoon and hopping right back to work on album and emails, so thanks for being patient with me!

blog5329 Featured on One Weds Savvy Scoop Blog!

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  1. Aaaah! Vegas! I am still working on getting my voice back! I can’t wait to see all the crazy pics from our PAS Contest! I miss the entire crazy crew already =)

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