Bailey | Dancing Queen Tallahassee, FL Portrait Photography

Jul 28, 2020

Well, it has been quiet here on this blog and I think we can all assume why – 2020 and all! What a crazy year it has been so far and we have been missing our clients so much.  So when things started to calm down a bit, I was so excited when my buddy Ashley contacted me about doing some outdoor dance photos of her stunning daughter, Bailey.  I photographed them as a family several years ago, and she has grown tremendously in that time!  (as little girls do)  It was so cool to see her in her element, and she wasn’t afraid to do all of these jumps barefoot on a wooden bridge!

Enjoy some pretty pictures….I’m thrilled to have something to share!









She worked SO hard to get this pose right…turns out it’s not just nailing the pose, but you’ve got to have a serene look on your face and your hair has to flop in the exact right spot:






Bailey’s BFF Ella came along for moral support, so we had to get a girlfriends pic!

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