Amber & Reno | Honey Lake Plantation Wedding 6.15.13

Jun 29, 2013

This wedding was very special to us for a lot of reasons. Tallahasee isn’t usually a “destination” wedding location, but Amber and Reno had contacted us from California and hired us long distance for their Honey Lake Plantation affair. We talked on the phone several times, and finally met a month or so ago when they flew into town for final wedding preparations, and to do their engagement session with us. We had a great time getting to know them, and by wedding day we were “old friends”.

This was also our first Indian wedding. We had so much fun getting to know this new culture and seeing some of the wedding traditions. Amber was completely focused during the two hour ceremony, even though I’m sure her knees were buckling and feet were hurting. We are always very quiet and non-obtrusive during the ceremony, but the guests and parents kept encouraging us to move closer, or get behind someone to get the better angles. So that took a little pressure off knowing that the pictures were the most important thing to them. 🙂

Our good buddy, Nick Russett, came up from Orlando to be our 3rd shooter of the day since we were also doing video. We had a blast getting to work with him and he has so many amazing images! Thanks Nick!

We are blogging this wedding from our vacation in the Maldives. We thought it was super appropriate since we are just off the tip of India right now!

I’ll leave you with a quote from the questionnaire I sent Amber before the wedding. I think it sums them up perfectly: “Our ideal wedding day is a celebration with the people we hold dear to our hearts who love and support the lifelong commitment we’ve made to one another. We feel as though we are old souls from different sides of the globe whose love transcends time and geography.”

Ceremony and Reception: Honey Lake Plantation

Coordinator: Stephanie at Honey Lake

Floral Design: Missy Gunnels Flowers

Cake Artist: Amber’s Aunt Jojo 🙂

Disc Jockey: Steve Christian’s Party Mix

Catering: Honey Lake and Essence of India

Hair Stylist: Fuel A Salon

Makeup Artist: Susan Barker Shackowsky, a longtime family friend

Guest book: fingerprint guest book handmade by bridesmaid Brianna

Table decorations and centerpieces: all of which are designed and crafted by Amber, her sister and mom

This might be one of my favorite Missy Gunnels creations ever! So unique!

Amber totally rocked these teal cowgirl boots…love:

I love everything about this sequence of pictures. The bridesmaids’ sarees (traditional Indian dress), the emotion Amber and the girls were having getting her into her dress, the setting…everything!

I love all the next shots that Ryan captured of the guys!

The boys goofing around…

Reno working on his vows:

Usually I don’t post a ton of pictures from the ceremony, but there were so many unique moments to capture, so I have a bunch:

These are my favorite two. My capture on the left and Nick’s on the right:

Amber and Reno had such a fun bridal party!

Everything was running a little late, but it ended up being in our favor. Portrait during sunset like this is perfect!

Aunt Jojo is obviously no rookie to cake baking! The cake was so pretty!

The escort card table was so fun and unique. The trees had little paper birds on them with everyone’s names and the table name. They named their tables after different years, and had pictures of themselves from that year (from childhood on up!).

Here you can see the table names and how they incorporated the pictures:

The little votive candles had their faces on them!

After first dances and dinner, Amber snuck away with an “entourage” to get into her saree. It was such an amazing experience getting to watch these women dress her. It’s very complicated and intricate, and was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Reno’s dad gave a very sweet toast that had everyone smiling:

Now, time to dance!

Ryan and Nick hard at work:

Funny story: the little flower girl, Caycie, wasn’t too thrilled to have her picture taken all day. Her mom told me that she called her grandma “Nay Nay” (I think that’s right), and they discovered that if anyone went by “Nay Nay”, that she liked them the same as grandma. So early in the day they started calling me Nay Nay. It didn’t catch on until the middle of the reception, when all of a sudden she came running up to me while I was crouching to take a picture. She wrapped her arms around me and said, “Nay Nay”! It was the cutest thing ever and totally made my night. 🙂

Thanks for such a wonderful day you two! We’ll never forget it!

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