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I’m up for bid! | Auction to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation-f/stop Breast Cancer


I have a very ambitious friend named Lydia Shannon.  We met about 2 and a half years ago at a seminar and managed to stay in touch through email, Twitter, etc.  She emailed me a couple months ago, telling me about this fundraiser she was doing to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for breast cancer!  She was trying to get photographer’s to be put up for auction, with the winner of each auction getting a mentor session and the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I quickly agreed to help, but wondering if anyone would actually bid on me?

Fast forward a couple weeks, and Lydia started tweeting about new people being added to her auction.  Names like Jose Villa, The Image is Found, Carlos Baez….my jaw dropped open!  What??  What kind of auction did I sign up for?  I can’t compete with these people!  But then I realized, it’s not a competition.  Anything we can do to help raise money for this great organization is a good thing.  I’ll just pretend for a day that I can fit in with these folks!

The auction will run for 5 days from Thursday, October 14 through Tuesday, October 19.  I think I’ve decided that I’d like to mentor someone on Photoshop, so if you feel the need to spruce up your images with some Photoshop magic, plan on bidding on me!  I want to do a 1 hour Skype videochat session, so I can share my screen with the winner and show them some stuff about this awesome program!  Maybe even have them email me some of their images before the session so I have them and can show them what I’d do to their own image!  Fun, huh?  When the auction goes live on October 14, she’ll send me the link to my auction so I’ll post it here so you guys can go straight to it.  Please…..don’t let me feel like a loser.  BID for a great cause!  🙂  (in case you’re wondering, f/stop is a photography term. I love the auction name’s play on words!)

Here’s a video that Lydia put together to promote the auction.  You can catch a short glimpse of her craziness…I mean, enthusiasm for this cause:


  1. Jen says

    This is really great! The video is really cute and effective. And I love your idea for a PS mentoring. I’m sure you’ll get a ton of bids!

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The BEST investment I made for our wedding day was definitely booking Kylene and Ryan Studios! It was such a blessing to have you both there to capture all of the PERFECT moments of that day. You all made us feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the lens and all around were pleasant to be around.


Kylene and Ryan are the worlds best photographers! Not only did I love every picture they took but they also were great to work with. I am not the greatest when it comes to taking pictures and knowing what I might like but they knew exactly what I wanted even when I didn’t. I would highly recommend them for every event.


They were the absolute best! So friendly, so fun and professional. The photos were amazing and they took the time to get some of the more ridiculous shots I requested. BONUS: they were amazing with our nephew. He is autistic. He was our ring-bearer and was having a difficult day, which isn’t unexpected for a day like that. Could not recommend enough.


Hands down, I would recommend Kylene & Ryan to anyone in a heartbeat. We used them for our engagement photos, a boudoir shoot for me, and our wedding photography. Every single time we saw their work, we were blown away. What first drew us to them was their beautiful work–but what also hooked us was how incredibly fun, sweet, professional, and hard-working they are.


Wow, what an incredible experience! It was such a joy working with this team. They had us laughing and enjoying every minute of our special day. And the pictures are STUNNING! They really went above and beyond to create unique and memorable moments we will cherish always.