New Website up and running!

Apr 08, 2008

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time coming, and some of you may have already seen it….but my new website is up and ready, and in my opinion, perfect now! So much work went into building this site, and Ross from Flosites was amazing to work with! I’ve been driving him nuts since October and he never complained once. 🙂 For all of my past clients I hope you have fun finding your pictures among the galleries! Chances are you’re in there a time or two!!

For all current and future clients, make sure you familiarize yourself with the “Returning Clients” page. This page will have a link to your event on Pictage and will take you and your guests directly to your pictures. If your event hasn’t actually happened yet, you can still direct your guests to the page to “pre-register”. When they do this they will receive a $5 gift code once your pictures are released. Who can complain about that?

There are still changes I will make to the site throughout the next few months, but we’ve worked out all the navigational kinks. I hope you enjoy, let me know!

Here’s a comic for you to enjoy also!  Thanks Genya!


image potpo