New email address!

Apr 09, 2008

With the new website came a new email adress, so everyone please take note in your address book!  It’s now :

Also, I did not receive any of my emails from Sunday the 6th, through Tuesday night the 8th, and apparently they’re unretreivable.  I’m beyond depressed…I’d hate for anyone to think I was ignoring their email!  People that I’ve talked to who sent me one did not get an email saying it was “undeliverable” either, so it will definitely look like I’m ignoring you.  Please resend any emails from the last few days!  Sorry for the confusion!

FYI: If you DO happen to send an email to my old address, it will be forwarded to my new one and you’ll get an auto response reminder to change to my new one.  But your email will be received, so don’t worry!

image potpo