Back from the Honeymoon!

Feb 21, 2008

Hey everyone!

Ryan and I got back from our honeymoon this week…for all of you getting married and planning a trip you’ve got so much to look forward to! We could have gone to the most boring place on earth and would have still had a blast just being together and getting used to our new wedding bands! We’re getting settled back in and trying to get back into the swing of things. I’ve got to start concentrating on my upcoming weddings now that mine is over! I will just say that all the planning is worthwhile when you see your husband-to-be waiting at the end of the aisle. I’m so lucky to capture that moment for so many wonderful people!

Enough mushy gushy stuff…I have pictures to share! I hired an amazing photographer in Mexico to take “honeymoon” pictures – it’s going to be the new trend, just watch! It took a bit of faith to send a deposit to Mexico 7 months ago, but it was the best decision ever! Manuel Burgoin met us at our hotel and spent over an hour running around with us and eventually trashing my dress! Now I can really advocate it to my clients since I was brave enough to do it myself. It was so much fun, and he even got the pictures finished before we left the following week! So, out of the almost 800 pictures that he took, here are a few of my favorites. It really was nice to let someone else be in charge, and it’s a lot of fun smooching with your man all day long! If you’re vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico check out Manuel’s work and hire him for anything!!








Despite all the fun over the last few weeks I was met with a bit of sadness. This afternoon my Granddaddy passed away so I’ll be heading up to Virginia tomorrow to say goodbye. Please keep me and my mom in your prayers! I know I haven’t been doing much blogging with my OWN pictures, but I promise I’ll have some on the way! I have 2 fabulous March weddings plus some portrait stuff too. The new website is up and running but we’re still working out a few glitches so I haven’t officially released it yet, but it will be soon! Til next time…

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