Camile & Aaron | 6.6.19 St. George Island & Apalachicola Wedding

Jun 27, 2019

There’s not much that we love more than a wedding over in Apalachicola!  After a only a few emails with Cami over half a year, I loaded up the car and headed that way.  Amy, our wonderful planner friend over there, had called me earlier in the day to let me know that had enacted their rain plan, and the reception would be across the bridge in Apalach at the Armory.  We’ve actually never had a reception there, but it was a super fun and huge space!  For never having met these two, I sure did have an awesome time working with them all day.  I was even asked by a couple of people if I was related to Cami because I am super short like all of them!  😉

Enjoy this sneak peek guys.  Lots more to come!

Ceremony House: Aisle of Palms

Reception Venue: Fort Coombs Armory

Coordinator and Florals: Bayside Gallery & Florist

Officiant: Kim Stone

Dress: Essense of Australia




In memory of Cami’s dad who passed away last year, they stitched a blue piece of fabric into her dress with his actual handwriting…


I never would have guessed that Charlie was 17 years old!  He was so sweet and made the best ring-pup!









I love everything about this….Cami’s mom walking her down the aisle, and Aaron’s brother giving him a little motivational hug:






Cami and all of her beautiful sisters:


Soooo many pretty beach portraits!  Their 6pm ceremony plus some storms coming in and out really gave us the most beautiful sky:








This wasn’t staged at all….they were practicing their first dance!







This was right before the sky opened up and started pouring rain! I think the pretty clouds were worth it though…






Cami’s dress was perfect for swishing around the dance floor!






I know these are really personal to share, but it was such an important moment during the reception.  Instead of skipping the traditional father/daughter dance, she danced with her mom to a slideshow projected with memories of her dad.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house….it was such a touching tribute:







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