Sarah’s Maternity session…sneak peek

Aug 14, 2015

I’m not always able to post portrait sessions on the blog due to time constraints, but I obviously love sharing my family with you all!  In case you hadn’t heard, my sister is expecting her second sweet baby, a GIRL, any day now.  When Ryan and I took a trip to New Zealand and Australia this summer, we had also planned several days in California to surprise my sister for her 30th birthday with a few days on Catalina Island.  I also knew I’d be taking her maternity photos during that trip, although she was in quite the tizzy since she had no idea we were coming (we had planned her birthday surprise last year before I even knew she was pregnant, so I knew I would be able to take them all along).  😉

I’m (im)patiently waiting for her to debut the majority of these photos on her brand new blog that she’s working on, but in honor of her due date (which was YESTERDAY!) I wanted to share my favorite shot of Easton with his mommy.  I love this little boy so much, I’m not sure how my body will contain my heart when it doubles in size with the arrival of his sister.  <3

I have been agonizing over the timing of my flight to San Diego, pretty much since I found out she was pregnant.  When Easton was born they lived in Tennessee, so when we found out she was going in to the hospital my mom and I hit the road.  Flying is not quite so easy.  But with the info that she got at her last doctor’s appointment, I will be flying out next Wednesday morning in hopes to document baby’s arrival shortly after.  Wish us luck!


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