Video show

When we got married in 2008, we totally dismissed the idea of having video done at our wedding.  The photos were our only focus, and we are thrilled with those photos.  But as the months passed by, we forgot what the band sounded like at our reception.  We forgot the sweet toasts given by our dearest friends.  We wanted to see all the cool moves people were busting on the dance floor.  We wished we had a video!!

So in 2009, we took the plunge and started investing in some video equipment and developing an editing style that was unique to us.  The finished product is a 15 minute piece (sometimes even longer!) combining the best still photos and fun video clips from throughout the day.  We also include bonus footage at most weddings, of the entire ceremony, toasts, crazy dance clips, and more!  The final product is presented online for you to enjoy on your computer or Apple TV portal/Vimeo app.

Are we saying that we are your full-on videographer?  Not at all.  We will not be interviewing all of your bridal party and asking for their advice to you, or capturing footage of your flower girls’ every step.  This is an add-on, only available with a photography package, and will not take away from your actual photography coverage.

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