Kelly & Ryan | 2.16.19 Lake Pavilion, West Palm Beach Wedding

Feb 28, 2019

A long long time ago, we met a guy.  His name was Ryan (easy to remember), and he was a counselor at a youth leadership program that we have

The Harrison Family | Tallahassee, FL Portrait Photography

Jan 16, 2019

We have been living next to the Harrisons for over 12 years now.  Dale is a minister, and we actually asked him to marry us coming up on 11

Kristen & Doug | 12.1.18 The Space at Feather Oaks Tallahassee, FL Wedding

Jan 09, 2019

I’m starting to run out of unique ways to write up our blog posts.  We end up loving each of our couples so much, and that’s all I can

Macey & Josh | 11.11.18 Mission San Luis Wedding Tallahassee, Florida

Dec 21, 2018

We first met Macey & Josh at the “Matchmaker” event hosted by TAWP in the spring.  We sat down with them for only 5 minutes, chatted for a bit,

Ellen & Patrick | 11.10.18 Goodwood Museum & Gardens Wedding Tallahassee, FL

Dec 18, 2018

It was a gorgeous day for a wedding, and we had a good one!  We didn’t get to meet Ellen and Pat before their wedding, but it just didn’t

Sarah & Trent | Engagement Love at Miller’s Landing

Nov 27, 2018

After photographing Sarah as a bridesmaid a few years ago, it’s her turn now!  It’s always a blast when we get to work with the same group of friends. 

Diane & Colin | Engagement love at Maclay Gardens, Tallahassee, FL

Nov 21, 2018

I was soooo excited when Diane contacted us about her wedding!  They hadn’t even officially booked a date or a venue, but we were one of their first calls. 

Kristen & Jonathan | 10.6.18 Goodwood Gardens Wedding, Tallahassee, FL

Nov 18, 2018

What a gorgeous wedding to start October with!  We didn’t get to meet Kristen and Jonathan until a couple months before their wedding, so their names had just been